Founder Testimony

My name is Ada M. Cunningham and I am the Founder of Jay's House Inc. I am a single mother of three, Paige (19), Jayden (13), & Christian (3). I have a Master's degree in Administration of Human Services and years of experience in special needs care , as well as health care services.  Jay's House was created out of the frustration of not being able to locate services that would meet my son where he is, and fully support his needs. 

Jay’s House is named after my son who’s name is Jayden, known to friends and family as “Jay.” At the age of 1 1/2 I knew there was something different about my son. With the help and support of my physician I found out that my son was on the Spectrum at the age of 3. He’s now 13 years old and because he has Asperger’s (high functioning), he's academically sound, and can communicate it’s difficult to find extra services that fit his needs. So I developed this program, Jay’s House to give other parents the support that I wish that I would have had at the start of this journey.